Monday, 25 April 2016

Bloodshot Bill | The Hazytones

Show: Bloodshot Bill + The Hazytones
Venue: Beat & Betterave, in Frelighsburg
Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

JJ couldn't help himself. He had to comment on the crowd's oddness at Beat & Betterave. "Le LSD a encore cours par ici"* he tells me. Among us, a lady in her 60's (or 70's) dancing with limbs flying around. The Hazytones were playing.

It's still early when we arrive. I have a fondness for this venue with all its windows and breathtaking view. The place is not yet packed. Nevertheless we stand by the washroom which results in people continuously asking me if am waiting in line to pee. This includes Bloodshot Bill who has failed twice to secure his spot.

As they step on stage, The Hazytones warn us "It's more heavy than Bloodshot Bill". Ok am warned. Am scared. Turns out it's not that heavy and I lose interest. I watch the odd crowd dance instead. Shouldn't judge though. Am strange too.

Bloodshot Bill is next and it's as good as it has ever been.

At some point a lady joins him on the platform. No idea what she's asking him to do but he replies with a "I'll try". "Maudite groupie" someone murmurs among the crowd.

Bloodshot Bill's performance is wild even as he is sitting on a chair. One song sang in French, couldn't understand much. The night ends and half the crowd by the stage is moshing (half of the crowd = 15 people. It's a small venue).

Bloodshot Bill
I purchase both of Bloodshot Bill's vinyl** and as we drive home I curse myself for not using the washroom one last time. The land and shack JJ owns has no running water. There's a limit to being hippie.

*LSD use is still frequent in the area
** Actually JJ is the one purchasing but he's too shy to approach BB so I do all the exchanging. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bleached | No Parents | The Muscadettes

Show: Bleached + No Parents + The Muscadettes
Venue: Ritz PDB, Montreal
Date: Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Arrived at 9h30. No Parents had started. Two minutes later V joins me. We're at the back of the venue. Don't know what to think of the band playing. The lyrics are disturbing. Then again the music is quite catchy, good drumming, good everything. Screaming people on stage is great. You somehow think you are also yelling, it feels good.

Reasonably fun until some guy next to us starts screaming "shut up!" at the band. Continuously. Didn't hear any of this though 'cause both my ears were full of earwax. Just saw V in a heated discussion with the guy. Turns out she told him to quit it, he named her a cunt, she called him a dick, and so on. She seemed alright with the whole situation though, had a smile on her face and ended up chatting with his friend about Brit Pop.

The set is soon ending, the bass player removes his shirt to reveal the setlist on his chest (they didn't know what song they were playing next). V is still talking with the Brit Pop guy, I go get a beer.

As they leave the stage, the guy screams "fuck you" to the band. This is what V tells me (I still can't hear).

Last set, Bleached. They're great. Good vibes and flowers on stage.

No Parents band members join them for a few songs. Singer Jennifer Clavin explains how No Parents' van broke down in Boston leaving one member behind with the vehicle. Both bands end up sharing a van on the trip to Montreal. Good times, she tells us, despite the lack of space.

Bleached with a few No Parents

Micayla Grace on bass

There's something joyful about watching Bleached play on stage. One fan in the first row is uncommonly enjoying the night, singing along to every song on the setlist. Rather cute.

He brought a board.

The concert is coming to an end. Two girls from the crowd step on stage. Everybody is headbanging.

Bleached and crowd
We leave the Ritz. V has never been so alive. Am thinking she takes pleasure in arguing with people (or maybe it's just talking about Brit Pop). Whatever it is, am kinda happy she's my friend.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ought + Wreckage With Stick + Caro Diaro

Show: Ought | Wreckage With Stick | Caro Diaro
Venue: La Sala Rossa
Date: Friday, April 8th, 2016

I know I haven't written anything lately. I've been to a few shows in the past months. Some good, but sometimes life changes you and therefore you decide to sleep instead of exhausting all that energy. These days collages have been my means of expression.

Love this blog though. I won't quit.

JJ and I bought tickets for this event quite in advance. I've never seen Ought in concert because, well, I haven't payed attention to them until a few months ago when I purchased More Than Any Other Day. Which I love.

The first set. Caro Diaro. Watched her perform before at the Ritz. The reason we arrived early really. Didn't want to miss this set. I know she's alone on stage with only voice and guitar. She could use some extra instruments. But what she gives is good. Manages to play different musical styles without losing herself. The crowd may say, not paying attention to her subtleties, it all sounds the same. It doesn't. There's anger and there's country music. Loved her country song. The evening might have begun with the crowd conversing instead of listening but as the set ended the floor was quiet.

Caro Diaro

Second act. Wreckage With Stick. Punk. Loved it at first but had to leave before the end. Couldn't take it anymore. Walked to the bar and bought us some beers. The singer, Matthew D. Reading, reminds me of a character in a Daniel Clowes graphic novel with lyrics such as "I tried, I tried and I failed" repeated over and over. Only this guy is very theatrical and puts on quite a show (until you're too depressed to keep on watching). At the far right of the stage you have someone eating pasta with a glass of wine. A guy in a alien mask had served him the chicken. This caused JJ to react. Asked me if I thought we had aliens with us here at the venue. JJ is weird sometimes. Talked to him about prostate cancer and he starts singing "avec mes grosses couilles" from Philippe Katherine's "Efféminé".

Wreckage With Stick

Main act. Ought. By this time my eyes are small. Have small eyes because either I drink too much or my body needs a bed. Had only two beers that evening. The singer Tim Darcy is captivating. Like with the other two performers that evening, the emotions vocally are palpable. There's so much going out of that thin frame.


We left the venue for the cold air (we're in April damn it) thinking of my bed. I'll be slowly resurfacing though. We all will. Summer is on its way.