Sunday, 29 March 2015

Choses Sauvages - Lancement Japanese Jazz

Show: Choses Sauvages (+ Osismi + Crabe)
Venue: Coop Katacombes, Montreal
Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Being in my mid-thirties, I felt a bit out of place at the Choses Sauvages concert. A younger crowd. Everybody is so happy. As if the hardship of life hasn't touched them yet. The way I see it, the difference between the youth (a big chunk of it anyways) and older generations is optimism. A belief they can change society for the better. It's a good thing they're present and active. Maybe someday something will change. Wish all generations had drive like that.

Arrived at the Coop Katacombes while Crabe was doing a soundcheck. The place wasn't packed yet. Crabe is a two piece band. Voice, guitar and drums. Good and loud. They do as they please. If only their songs didn't all sound the same. I'd say the drummer's excellent skill is what differentiates a track from an other.

Later came Choses Sauvages in shiny clothing. The four piece band (+1 extra that night I believe) make extremely well crafted pieces. Here's one from Japanese Jazz.

In English as well as in French, the songs work best when Félix Bélisle sings lead. He did forget the lyrics a few times though. Bad Nylon joins them later. The female hip hop singers are just as impressive. The crowd starts waving their hands in the air. Don't remember ever seeing that in a small venue. «Vous êtes des estis de malades»* screams Félix Bélisle at some point.

Choses Sauvages with some strings

Choses Sauvages finishes with a No Doubt song. "Hella Good". Love the bass.

Show poster done by Pony

The evening brings me back in time when we were the ones doing the strikes for access to a better education.

There was simply something in the air that night.

* You are fucking sick

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Julien Sagot au Quai des Brumes

Show: Julien Sagot
Venue: Quai des Brumes, Montréal
Date: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

My morning started with an unfortunate bang. Ran into my ex. We work in the same building. Made me feel like shit. Maybe he felt worse. Also, work was difficult that day. Many beginner's mistakes. My colleague and my boss helped me out correct those mistakes. Still, I finished late. Black IPA afterwards at a bar near work to look back on the events of the day. That pint wasn't enough though. A live act was needed. Had a ticket to go see Julien Sagot at the Quai des Brumes thankfully.

I shouldn't feel guilty for breaking up with him. He's the one to blame.

Julien Sagot and his band. Weirdos playing weird music (except maybe for the drummer). And it was great. Heard good things about him but never listened to his songs.

Arrived as he was doing a sound check. The place was already packed. Didn't encounter any friends. Just waited for Mr Sagot to start while sipping my second IPA. From the start he tried to have us sing along with him but to no avail, "Je fais des refrains niaiseux pour que vous puissiez chanter!"*. The music is great. The odder the better. There isn't much variety in his voice, would've liked to hear him scream a bit. Live that is. On tape it all sounds good. A lady singer (been looking everywhere for her name) accompanied him on voice and that made a big difference.

At some point during the show he asked the third row to undress. Was he serious? I don't know. Last spring Connan Mockasin asked the crowd to undress and the girls in the first rows did end up dancing in their bras. But that's another story.

He succeeded, on the last song, in having us sing along. He let go of his mic and and walked among the crowd to incite us. As the show ended, met someone I knew. Exhausted, I exchanged a few words and left. Although excellent, the show didn't give me any respite from the events of the day. I wish it had.

* I make stupid choruses so you can sing along to them!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tops | She-Devils

Show: Tops + She-Devils
Venue: Bar le "Ritz" PDB
Date: Friday, March 20th, 2105

I don't have a septum piercing but I do wear patterned socks. Even so, didn't feel like I fit in. Many young people as seen on's event photos. Where style is very important. Those event photos separate Montrealer's into two classes. The ones that are photographed (the cool ones) and the ones that aren't (the nobodies). All this was running through my mind as I was waiting for my friend to show up. She found a ticket online for the sold out show but forgot it. Had to head back home and get it.

She-Devils was good. A mixture of rock and roll and gothic played by a two piece band. Audrey Ann on voice and Kyle on everything else. A remixer I guess you would say? He is what makes the music effective. Love what he creates. On the other hand Audrey Ann is pitchy. Being pitchy is a tough thing. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not so much. She looked nervous also. The reason maybe it didn't feel right.

She has a certain presence on stage though. My friend V, a concert photographer on her free time, didn't wait long before getting her camera out.

She-Devils taken with my iphone.

Started getting warm at the Ritz. A perfect temperature for the next to come on stage: Tops. A summertime ideal. Easygoing and fun to dance to.

Jane Penny's voice is amazing. You'd be tempted to think a voice like that is only heard best when recorded. You're wrong. Just as good live.

my Iphone. Tops.

By the end of the show. We were at the back of the venue. Not as many septum piercings there. V got approached by a guy. More like he started hugging her out of the blue. She immediately told him to fuck off.

Woke up next morning with a bad headache. Only took 3 beers. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fleece | Whitewash | Third Child

Show: Fleece + Whitewash + Third Child
Venue: Club Lambi
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

A friend whom I admire for her good taste rsvp'd on the facebook event page. This is how I came to know about the event. Was curious. Checked out a band by listening to one of their songs. Enjoyed it. Don't like to spend Saturdays alone at home. Thought I might as well go.

Had I done more research I would've learned about the first band on the bill. Third Child. Very weird music but not weird in a good way. Weird in a "I'm better than you because I believe in God" way.

A post from Third Child facebook page. I think this says it all.

The thing is, I love gospel music so it's not necessarily the subject matter that bothers me. It's the poor lyrics and not so good music.

If you want to be really entertained. Third Child has a page where he explains those lyrics. He managed a way to incorporate his thoughts on Archie Comics and James Bond in "Six Disasters".

I should've left as soon as I entered the club. The crowd was extremely young. Underage I would think but is that legal? Seemed they arrived by way of a school bus from some faraway christian commune. They had the time of their lives. Scary.

Third Child in concert.

Then it was Whitewash's turn on stage but all I wanted to do was leave. I don't think even Jack White could've kept me there.

I walked back home in heavy snow listening to Timber Timbre thinking Taylor Kirk could make good christian music if he wanted to. Talent changes everything.

I heart Timber Timbre.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mark Sultan | Lunar Exile

Show: Mark Sultan + Lunar Exile + Birds of Paradise
Venue: Divan Orange, Montreal
Date: Friday, March 6th, 2015

A bit about myself before I start. Played the viola from 4th to 11th grade. Got attached to my instrument to the point that when it was time for me to play a different viola it gave me nightmares. It just didn't sound as good. I quit. I mention this because I admire musicians who continue playing no matter what. Also, am uncomfortable saying anything bad about them since am nowhere as courageous as they are. Please don't take me seriously as I can often talk nonsense.

Having said that I arrived as Lunar Exile was playing. Couldn't make it in time for Birds of Paradise. It’s become common for girl bands to look blasé when they play. Sometimes it works. Gashrat and La Luz, bands I have seen live in concert, are good examples.

In other cases it doesn't look as great. Instead of appearing to be indifferent, Lunar Exile looked like they were having a tough time playing their instruments. I quickly got bored and surfed facebook on my iphone.

Mark Sultan arrived on stage, wig and all. Everything changed. It got fun. My favorite song began. I'll be Loving You. Double yay!

You dance to Mark Sultan's music. That's what I did. Was near the stage until a small mosh started. Walked back to the bar but never stopped dancing. At some point he asked those guys to calm down "This is my fucking Pearl Jam concert. Chill the fuck out". Mosh pits are banned at Pearl Jam concerts due to this incident.

I'm disastrous at taking concert pictures. Was meaning to take one of Mark Sultan.

The mood was great at the Divan Orange. Or maybe it was just me being overly enthusiastic. Saw some friends. Talked to strangers. Talked to a cute girl. Wish I wasn't straight sometimes.

"My name is Mark Sultan and I'm here to sing rock&roll 'til the day I die" he said as the show was coming to an end. Hell yeah.

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition