Saturday, 25 July 2015

Crosss | New Fries | Phern

Show: Crosss + New Fries + Phern
Venue: Bar le Ritz PDB
Date: Friday July, 24th, 2015

Of course I was exhausted that evening. Nothing new. Am bothered more easily when in need of sleep. Was riding the metro and a large guy stood directly in front of me. His sweaty back to my face with barely any space in between. I was bothered. Decided it would be smart of me to purchase some coffee once outside. Arrive there around 9:30pm ish. The crowd consists of a dozen people and Phern is doing the sound check. It happens.

photo: Véronique Côté

They start. They are the reason I'm there. Not that I don't like Crosss but I've seen them twice already. Don't know anything about New Fries. My friend V and I both agree, Phern is good. I've previously mentioned I don't like pitchiness, but sometimes it adds to the music. What is the Velvet Underground without that out of pitch sound right? It worked in this case. I would describe their sound as uncomfortable nonchalant pop music. In a good way.

Next is New Fries. A band from Toronto. Where Phern gives us a good discomfort with pitchiness, New Fries gives us some good discomfort with changing beats.

The singer Anni Spadafora exudes coolness and the bass played by Tim Fagan adds something interesting to the mix. At some point the drummer Jenny Gitman let out a scream. The band understood what was going on. They looked at her, started over.

Drummer Jenny Gitman
photo: Véronique Côté

By the end of the set, Anni Spadafora had decided to continuously play one note on her guitar. Lost interest then. Tim Fagan whispered something in Jenny Gitman's ear. Everything changed. The drummer concluded the song. The set was over.

Singer+guitarist Anni Spadafora
photo: Véronique Côté

The final set. Crosss. The music is odd. To be more precise, I find that the singer Andy March emanates, with his voice, the weirdness inside him. The drummer Kris Bowering plays as if he's angry, gets it all out through his instrument. The bass player had some problem with the wires. Took a few minutes before Andy March resolved the problem. From then on (should I say this?), it looked like she was making love to her bass.

Drummer Kris Bowering
photo: Véronique Côté

The show ended. Most were leaving. V and I talked nonsense while she drank her last beer. Kept telling me I was high maintenance. I don't get it. I think she might be kidding. We buy merch. I would've loved something from Phern but you don't always get what you want. V bought the most beautiful Crosss t-shirt and their vinyl which, apparently, is hard to find. The cover of that vinyl is quite gorgeous.

Cover done by Drew Taylor

I walk back home eager to wake up the next morning and write this post. I haven't written on my blog in two weeks. I feel a bit rusted through. I realize now, life is not great without it. See you at the next event.

xx China


  1. hey china the drummer pictured above is not nathan doucet.

  2. Hi! Thanks for letting me know! What's his name? Would you know?