Monday, 25 April 2016

Bloodshot Bill | The Hazytones

Show: Bloodshot Bill + The Hazytones
Venue: Beat & Betterave, in Frelighsburg
Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

JJ couldn't help himself. He had to comment on the crowd's oddness at Beat & Betterave. "Le LSD a encore cours par ici"* he tells me. Among us, a lady in her 60's (or 70's) dancing with limbs flying around. The Hazytones were playing.

It's still early when we arrive. I have a fondness for this venue with all its windows and breathtaking view. The place is not yet packed. Nevertheless we stand by the washroom which results in people continuously asking me if am waiting in line to pee. This includes Bloodshot Bill who has failed twice to secure his spot.

As they step on stage, The Hazytones warn us "It's more heavy than Bloodshot Bill". Ok am warned. Am scared. Turns out it's not that heavy and I lose interest. I watch the odd crowd dance instead. Shouldn't judge though. Am strange too.

Bloodshot Bill is next and it's as good as it has ever been.

At some point a lady joins him on the platform. No idea what she's asking him to do but he replies with a "I'll try". "Maudite groupie" someone murmurs among the crowd.

Bloodshot Bill's performance is wild even as he is sitting on a chair. One song sang in French, couldn't understand much. The night ends and half the crowd by the stage is moshing (half of the crowd = 15 people. It's a small venue).

Bloodshot Bill
I purchase both of Bloodshot Bill's vinyl** and as we drive home I curse myself for not using the washroom one last time. The land and shack JJ owns has no running water. There's a limit to being hippie.

*LSD use is still frequent in the area
** Actually JJ is the one purchasing but he's too shy to approach BB so I do all the exchanging. 

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