Friday, 21 August 2015

Beach House | Romantic States

Show: Beach House + Romantic States
Venue: Higher Ground Ballroom, South Burlington (Vermont)
Date: Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Sometimes social media is useful. Met a stranger through Facebook looking for someone to go see Beach House with in Burlington. Haven't done anything crazy in at least a month. Thought it was about time.

This isn't my first Beach House experience. They were in Montreal last fall. One of my first blog post was written about them. Deleted it a few weeks later. Too personal at the time.

I was introduced to Beach House as my ex was breaking up with me. "Zebra" had started playing in S's bedroom. Although it had been a painful listen the following months. I didn't quit on it. "Zebra" is just too beautiful.

We dated only one month more than a year ago and I still have a hard time getting over him. Last time we spoke he wanted to understand why that was. What made him so special. "I don't know" I told him. Thinking of it now, I guess he pretty much changed my life. I used to barely go out, spent my time reading and watching TV. Didn't enjoy talking to strangers. He shook me. He woke me. He showed me how exciting life can be. I never watch TV now.

The first band to play is Romantic States. A duo (Jim Triplett and Ilenia Madelaire) from Baltimore. At first am wary. The tempo is slow, the lyrics are sparse. Don't know if they're talented musician trying to do something different or if they are handicapped in some way. After a few songs, the tempo changes and I realize they are talented.

Love it when Ilenia Madelaire sings. She also reminds me of Meg White on drums. Only better.

Romantic States

As soon as Beach House starts, am in a daze. I close my eyes and let myself rock back and forth to the music. Can't tell you if it was one of their best shows. Just took it all in (and forgot to take the usual notes).

Playing "Wherever You Go"

"You guys are very good... and bad. But you're mostly good and bad" Victoria Legrand tells us.
Only a few strange words in between songs. Adding to her oddness.

By the end of the show Alex Scally takes a corner of the stage.
All the attention on Miss Legrand.

The show ends with "10 Mile Stereo" and all I hear is "It took so long". These four words are engraved in my head now.

The song I was most disappointed with was "Zebra" but it's all good. I need change.

Left the venue feeling good. And sleepy. Slept throughout the whole ride back to Montreal actually.

 xx China

p.s. A big thanks to G, the stranger from Facebook. I was taking a risk leaving Canada with someone I had never met. It was worth it.

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