Saturday, 29 August 2015

Joe Grass | Black le Gary | Caro Diaro | Moss Lime

Show: Passovah Festival. Joe Grass + Black le Gary + Caro Diaro + Moss Lime.
Venue: Casa del Popolo + Bar le Ritz PDB
Date: Friday, August 28th, 2015

Arrived at the Ritz and Moss Lime was playing its last two songs. Damn it. Am late for once and missing something good. I love Moss Lime. Got to know them through Tinder. A guy I met introduced me to the band and another one of Helene's (lead singer) band, Phern. Take a listen. Please.

Moss Lime at the Ritz. The place wasn't packed yet.

Spoke to Helene after the show. Wanted to buy the tape. We spoke in English for the first few minutes before realizing we were both francophones. It happens you know. First I thought she was Scottish, then maybe German. She had a strong accent. Anyways, she didn't have any tapes with her. Asked her if she was planning on doing another show soon. Negative. Not for a long time. Learned today that she's a French citizen unable to stay in Montreal due to visa problems. She's leaving today. Sad.

Next was Caro Diaro. A loner on stage with a lot of presence.

Caro Diaro

Much of the crowd was quiet. Her music reminds me that of Cat Power's. Only she's a little bit less shy on stage. Quite beautiful. My only comment, more change in rythme from one song to the other could be good. 

Left the Ritz afterwards to join friend V at the Casa del Popolo. Arrived and Black le Gary was setting up its gear. Of course it's another one of those bands who starts with a weird song just to make us wonder if we really do like them. Only, this time, all their songs turned out weird. Sometimes chanting in Polish with recorded laughs in the background. Other times odd instrumentals. None of their songs really were the same. To that, I believe it was the (excellent) drummer who asked us to inform them which song we preferred so they'd know "which style to stick to". It's their second gig in four years he adds. The crowd starts laughing to that, we don't know though if it's actually funny (until he tells us it's not). There's a kind of weird vibe in the venue. But it's a great vibe. Loved every second of it.

Black le Gary

The set ends with Lisa Moore from Blood and Glass stepping on stage. She's perfect for them. The last song is a recipe for an alcoholic drink*. Brilliant.

Been looking everywhere on the net for clips. Couldn't find. You'll just have to take my word when I tell you they're odd.

Last set. Joe Grass. It's good. The guy next to me was really enjoying it. His limbs danced in every direction.

Guy dancing with his limbs

Among Joe Grass on stage was keyboardist Frank Lafontaine. I recall watching him play for Blood and Glass in a loft. Was in awe. Amazing solos. 

Joe Grass

I like Joe Grass. Decided not to take any notes on my iphone and just enjoy. Here's a soothing rendition of the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows":

Have a good day.
xx China

* Other than being the lead singer in a band, Lisa Moore also works as a bartender in a great Montreal bar. The last song fits perfectly.

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