Saturday, 11 July 2015

Metz at the Piccolo Rialto

Show: Metz + USA out of Vietnam + Night Squirts
Venue: Piccolo Rialto
Date: Friday, July 10th, 2015


This is another post where I'll include snippets of my life. If this bothers you, don't read it. Metz is unapologetic, I'll be unapologetic too.

Had a tinder date after my 3pm to 11pm shift on Wednesday. Left after one beer. "Well that's that" I told him as I was drinking my last sip. The date was awful. Walked home and cancelled my tinder account. The guy was condescending and looked nothing like he did on his pictures. Told me my blog was photographs and drawings only. Well fuck it. If that's what it is.

Moved around non stop the last few days. Thursday: 3pm to 11pm shift. Friday: 10am to 6pm shift then supper and 30 minute nap before working on my front porch. Had decided to use the most resistant paint out there, also the most toxic. Finished around 9:30pm. Arrive home and realize I have an allergic reaction. Red spots on skin. Take a shower to wash off any paint residue. Had I been wise, I would've gone to bed. But hey... Am not.

At the Piccolo maybe 20 minutes before the main act. Not in time for the two previous bands. It's unfortunate. Enjoy opening acts. Buy the Metz poster. Not signed or numbered. Find the artist. Ask him to sign it. Turns out he made only 50 copies and had intended to have them numbered. He simply forgot. I like my posters at least signed.

Designed by Arnopeople. White on black.

Had planned on getting shit-faced that evening. Stopped after three beers. Listening to Metz was plenty enough to have a good time.

When someone asks me what type of music I like. This is not it. If you ask me what bands I like, this is it. So raw. Minimal to no melodies. Uncompromising. You just want to scream with them. Loved how the rhythm on drums changed constantly. Loved the steadfast vocals. Exactly what I needed.

Walked back home with a smile on my face and weight off my shoulders. Thank you Metz.

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