Sunday, 29 March 2015

Choses Sauvages - Lancement Japanese Jazz

Show: Choses Sauvages (+ Osismi + Crabe)
Venue: Coop Katacombes, Montreal
Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Being in my mid-thirties, I felt a bit out of place at the Choses Sauvages concert. A younger crowd. Everybody is so happy. As if the hardship of life hasn't touched them yet. The way I see it, the difference between the youth (a big chunk of it anyways) and older generations is optimism. A belief they can change society for the better. It's a good thing they're present and active. Maybe someday something will change. Wish all generations had drive like that.

Arrived at the Coop Katacombes while Crabe was doing a soundcheck. The place wasn't packed yet. Crabe is a two piece band. Voice, guitar and drums. Good and loud. They do as they please. If only their songs didn't all sound the same. I'd say the drummer's excellent skill is what differentiates a track from an other.

Later came Choses Sauvages in shiny clothing. The four piece band (+1 extra that night I believe) make extremely well crafted pieces. Here's one from Japanese Jazz.

In English as well as in French, the songs work best when Félix Bélisle sings lead. He did forget the lyrics a few times though. Bad Nylon joins them later. The female hip hop singers are just as impressive. The crowd starts waving their hands in the air. Don't remember ever seeing that in a small venue. «Vous êtes des estis de malades»* screams Félix Bélisle at some point.

Choses Sauvages with some strings

Choses Sauvages finishes with a No Doubt song. "Hella Good". Love the bass.

Show poster done by Pony

The evening brings me back in time when we were the ones doing the strikes for access to a better education.

There was simply something in the air that night.

* You are fucking sick

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition

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