Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mark Sultan | Lunar Exile

Show: Mark Sultan + Lunar Exile + Birds of Paradise
Venue: Divan Orange, Montreal
Date: Friday, March 6th, 2015

A bit about myself before I start. Played the viola from 4th to 11th grade. Got attached to my instrument to the point that when it was time for me to play a different viola it gave me nightmares. It just didn't sound as good. I quit. I mention this because I admire musicians who continue playing no matter what. Also, am uncomfortable saying anything bad about them since am nowhere as courageous as they are. Please don't take me seriously as I can often talk nonsense.

Having said that I arrived as Lunar Exile was playing. Couldn't make it in time for Birds of Paradise. It’s become common for girl bands to look blasé when they play. Sometimes it works. Gashrat and La Luz, bands I have seen live in concert, are good examples.

In other cases it doesn't look as great. Instead of appearing to be indifferent, Lunar Exile looked like they were having a tough time playing their instruments. I quickly got bored and surfed facebook on my iphone.

Mark Sultan arrived on stage, wig and all. Everything changed. It got fun. My favorite song began. I'll be Loving You. Double yay!

You dance to Mark Sultan's music. That's what I did. Was near the stage until a small mosh started. Walked back to the bar but never stopped dancing. At some point he asked those guys to calm down "This is my fucking Pearl Jam concert. Chill the fuck out". Mosh pits are banned at Pearl Jam concerts due to this incident.

I'm disastrous at taking concert pictures. Was meaning to take one of Mark Sultan.

The mood was great at the Divan Orange. Or maybe it was just me being overly enthusiastic. Saw some friends. Talked to strangers. Talked to a cute girl. Wish I wasn't straight sometimes.

"My name is Mark Sultan and I'm here to sing rock&roll 'til the day I die" he said as the show was coming to an end. Hell yeah.

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition

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