Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Julien Sagot au Quai des Brumes

Show: Julien Sagot
Venue: Quai des Brumes, Montréal
Date: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

My morning started with an unfortunate bang. Ran into my ex. We work in the same building. Made me feel like shit. Maybe he felt worse. Also, work was difficult that day. Many beginner's mistakes. My colleague and my boss helped me out correct those mistakes. Still, I finished late. Black IPA afterwards at a bar near work to look back on the events of the day. That pint wasn't enough though. A live act was needed. Had a ticket to go see Julien Sagot at the Quai des Brumes thankfully.

I shouldn't feel guilty for breaking up with him. He's the one to blame.

Julien Sagot and his band. Weirdos playing weird music (except maybe for the drummer). And it was great. Heard good things about him but never listened to his songs.

Arrived as he was doing a sound check. The place was already packed. Didn't encounter any friends. Just waited for Mr Sagot to start while sipping my second IPA. From the start he tried to have us sing along with him but to no avail, "Je fais des refrains niaiseux pour que vous puissiez chanter!"*. The music is great. The odder the better. There isn't much variety in his voice, would've liked to hear him scream a bit. Live that is. On tape it all sounds good. A lady singer (been looking everywhere for her name) accompanied him on voice and that made a big difference.

At some point during the show he asked the third row to undress. Was he serious? I don't know. Last spring Connan Mockasin asked the crowd to undress and the girls in the first rows did end up dancing in their bras. But that's another story.

He succeeded, on the last song, in having us sing along. He let go of his mic and and walked among the crowd to incite us. As the show ended, met someone I knew. Exhausted, I exchanged a few words and left. Although excellent, the show didn't give me any respite from the events of the day. I wish it had.

* I make stupid choruses so you can sing along to them!

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