Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fleece | Whitewash | Third Child

Show: Fleece + Whitewash + Third Child
Venue: Club Lambi
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

A friend whom I admire for her good taste rsvp'd on the facebook event page. This is how I came to know about the event. Was curious. Checked out a band by listening to one of their songs. Enjoyed it. Don't like to spend Saturdays alone at home. Thought I might as well go.

Had I done more research I would've learned about the first band on the bill. Third Child. Very weird music but not weird in a good way. Weird in a "I'm better than you because I believe in God" way.

A post from Third Child facebook page. I think this says it all.

The thing is, I love gospel music so it's not necessarily the subject matter that bothers me. It's the poor lyrics and not so good music.

If you want to be really entertained. Third Child has a page where he explains those lyrics. He managed a way to incorporate his thoughts on Archie Comics and James Bond in "Six Disasters".

I should've left as soon as I entered the club. The crowd was extremely young. Underage I would think but is that legal? Seemed they arrived by way of a school bus from some faraway christian commune. They had the time of their lives. Scary.

Third Child in concert.

Then it was Whitewash's turn on stage but all I wanted to do was leave. I don't think even Jack White could've kept me there.

I walked back home in heavy snow listening to Timber Timbre thinking Taylor Kirk could make good christian music if he wanted to. Talent changes everything.

I heart Timber Timbre.

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