Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ariel Pink | P. Sallafranque | Slep

Show: Nicole + P. Sallafranque
Venue: Taverne Jarry
Date: February 20th, 2015. 8pm

Show: Ariel Pink + Jack Name
Venue: Le National
Date: February 20th, 2015. 9pm

Show: Pypy + Avec le Soleil sortant de sa bouche
Venue: Cinémathèque québécoise
Date: February 20th, 2015. 11pm

Ariel Pink at Le National. Evidently I don't know how to use the focus.

I was too greedy. I wanted to see them all. Ended up seeing only P. Sallafranque and Ariel Pink.

It started at the Taverne Jarry. I arrive early of course because I'm never good at knowing when a show starts. All is a-ok though, friends are there. Taverne Jarry is a dive bar with a concert stage. Also has video poker machines in the back. It tapes it's own concerts and the sound is surprisingly good. P tells me the place has an old liquor licence so no fancy drinks. Beer only. I drank my 50. The show starts a bit late so I'm thinking I won't have time to see Nicole in concert regrettably. P. Sallafranque is good but it's only him and his guitar. A full band accompanied him the previous week, same stage. Would've liked to have been there.

I leave around 9:30pm before P. Sallafranque starts his last song. I'm fearful of missing Ariel Pink's entrance.

What do I know about Ariel Pink? Nothing. The reason I wanted to see Ariel Pink?

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti silkscreen poster created by Slep.
The song Baby inspired this poster.

A poster. For five years now Slep has been making silkscreen posters for musicians he admires. The day of the event he presents himself at the venue with 15 copies under his arm, giving the musicians some additional revenue while helping him promote his work. He has done posters for Savages, Le Trouble, Father John Misty, Austra, Black Angels, Foxygen, The Growlers, Beach House and more. The 15 copies he gave to Broken Bells ended up being 900 copies for their world tour.

This is one of my favorites. Therefore, out of the blue and by curiosity, I buy a Ariel Pink concert ticket. On the day of the event I finally listen to his music and adore it. The concert starts a bit late because they didn't think to put chains on their bus' wheels. Almost didn't make it. I arrive after Jack Name has finished his gig (unfortunately). Craziness engulfs the place as soon as Ariel Pink sets foot on stage. The sound is ear-splitting and poor at first but by the end it's all good. I enjoyed the show but not as much as the recorded tracks. Sometimes Ariel Pink would lose himself in a song and forget about rhythm. Cadence is important to me. Like a rubber band, to be played with but not break. Right? Also he was a bit pitchy and I know he can sing. I guess it's more the nonchalance that bothered me. But it didn't make a difference for the crowd up front dancing with all their heart and sweat. The last few songs were the best, performance wise. Side note, the drummer Don Bolles is mesmerizing and brings a lot to Ariel Pink and the band, when the mic is working.

Ariel Pink leaves the stage and it's too late for the next gig at the Cinémathèque québécoise. That place is small so there's no chance to get in.

I go home and have this weird dream with Ariel Pink in it. I won't talk about that though.

Before you close this tab, let me introduce you to Nicole. I love them and am saddened to have missed their show.

They will be playing on March 30th for the Francouvertes.

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