Saturday, 14 February 2015

Los Angeles | McCabe's Guitar Shop | Justin Townes Earle.

Show: Justin Townes Earle
Venue: The McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica
Date: February 14th, 2014

Have you ever noticed how mundanities become suddenly magical when you find yourself in a new city? I've been to L.A. more times than I can count but the magic has never dissipated.

View from my friends' backyard. I tell you it's magical.

Was at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica watching Justin Townes Earle play his guitar exactly a year ago. Fell in love with the shop immediately. The back room where the show took place has walls covered in guitars and it seats only 150. 150 folding chairs that is. No alcohol is served, only coffee. The small stage makes you wonder how a band can fit there.

Banjos, guitars and autoharps.

Dom La Nena at McCabe's

Justin Townes Earle had the stage to himself. On the left side, where the stairs lead to the second floor, sat his wife. What's nice about JTE aren't the stories he tells between songs but the guitar he plays.


Brought along my dad and friends whom I consider family. Were they going to like JTE? I had no idea. Turns out BA, who sometimes doesn't enjoy the music I play in his car, was the most enthused.

I would've seen Frank Fairfield, Vikesh Kapoor and Lucinda Williams had I stayed longer in L.A.. Musicians I have much respect for. On youtube you'll find Townes Van Zandt's full audio concert from McCabe's in '95 (of which a limited edition vinyl was released).

You might think L.A. is a place with many fake faces and too much superficiality. You'd be wrong. L.A. is also a place full of old (some new) hippies. And I love hippies.

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