Sunday, 5 April 2015

Twin Shadow | Lolawolf

Show: Twin Shadow + Lolawolf
Venue: Café Campus, Montréal
Date: Saturday, April 4th, 2015

I’d like to warn you first, this blog post really isn’t about music. Sorry. Too busy having fun. I take notes on my iPhone usually. Didn’t happen this evening.


V and I arrive early. We don’t want to miss Lolawolf, the opening act. No regrets because it ends up being good. A bunch of great beats. Didn’t know what to expect, the singer being Lenny Kravitz’ daughter. Soon I realize she does her own thing regardless of who her dad is and I find that cool.

While Lolawolf is playing I bump into a Journal Voir ex colleague. Tells me Twin Shadow is at the merch table. She’d like to have her picture taken with him but couldn’t dare ask him. I make the move, I take a pic of them, and while we’re at it I ask him to sign the rare vinyl I just bought. I feel a bit uncomfortable but hey I won’t let that limit me.

Soon afterwards I realise a guy is giving me the I know you look. I approach him. Turns out I don’t know him. Just thought I was cute. I ask a selfie of him and I. Been doing this for more than a week now. Selfies with strangers. Subsequently send them to my friend K (a student with a shit load of work) to show her she’s missing out on a good night. The guy, a Parisian, is my seventh. V and I end up spending the evening with him.

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow walks on stage and all is good. The crowd starts dancing to his music. The sound isn’t great but hey! Who’s taking notes?

Twin Shadow and Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz later joins him for a song. Heck, a few fans from the crowd might as well join him on stage too. They all give him a kiss on the cheek. Don’t know if he appreciated that since the encore was a bit short.

Twin Shadow with fan

The concert is over but not the night. Spring is coming. Or maybe we’ll just skip it and go directly to summer.

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