Sunday, 26 April 2015

Antoine Corriveau | Salomé Leclerc | Philémon Cimon | Klô Pelgag

Show: Antoine Corriveau + Salomé Leclerc + Philémon Cimon + Klô Pelgag
Venue: Verre Bouteille
Date: Sunday, April 26th, 2015

No pictures of the show taken this time. Sorry. Didn't expect to write a post on it actually. I know Antoine personally. Feel uncomfortable writing posts about people I know. But that evening was good. At least I think it was.

Started with a hockey game. The Canadians are in the playoffs and eliminate the Ottawa Senators with a two to zero game. I was bored most of the time except for the last two seconds. It didn't help that my back was to the screen. Enjoy hockey but enjoy spending time with friends more. We all arrive early to get some seats for the event which was due to start right after the game at the Verre Bouteille. Also hoping there wouldn't be any overtime, hence the point scored on the last second of the game was like a cherry on a sundae.

The only picture I have. PS and CG watching the game.
CG managed to have his eyes closed as usual.

It was show #3 of 3 at the Verre Bouteille for Antoine Corriveau. That evening he invites a few friends to play with him. Klô Pelgag, Philémon Cimon and Salomé Leclerc.

Antoine and his band (Pascal Sallafranque, Christian Gagnon, Lucien Midnight, Marianne Houle and Stéphane Bergeron) start with a few of his originals from the latest album. To tell you the truth, and this is why I don't like to write posts about friends, it took me a while to understand his music. I always thought the lyrics were good but the melodies and his voice were too dark. Now I just let it all in and accept that his music is weird. I like it now. I see him as an outsider but in a good way.

The first artist to join him onstage is Klô Pelgag. Quirkiness is good. Watching her being a little shy is just as fun as listening them play. There's a good vibe between both of them. If I remember well, they play two songs, one of his and one of hers.

The second artist joining him is Philémon Cimon. I've seen him perform twice already. Once at l'Oblique on Record Store Day (I think) and once for the launch of the magazine Nouveau Projet (unfortunately the crowd there was deep in conversation). He's great. I enjoy his music very much.

The last artist is Salomé Leclerc. Never seen her in concert. Side note, that girl is gorgeous. More importantly she plays very good guitar.

The show ends with all of them on stage. Singing La tête en marche. Always reminds me of the Quebec spring awakening (printemps érable).

All in all, it was the most enjoyable hockey game ever.

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