Monday, 4 May 2015

Leon Bridges | Jake Paleschic

Show: Leon Bridges + Jake Paleschic
Date: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
Venue: Quai des Brumes

Had you been there you would have enjoyed quality music.

You would have heard Jake Paleschic, the opening act, sing songs from his album Cowboy Songs. An album impossible to find online. Then again, I'm no good at finding things on a computer.

Bought album #20 out of 200

He would've mentioned to you his love of Acadians and his "Lâche pas la patate" tattoo.

Jake Paleschic

You would've enjoyed a talented band play with an extremely talented singer :

The sax player was great. The back up singer was great.
Heck! they were all great.

You would've danced like crazy to his music.

Had you been there, the manager would've told you how this night was special. Very special.

Unfortunately the show had been sold out for a long time to the dismay of many fans (facebook event page).

I was there with friend V and I count myself extremely lucky.

Don't worry. He'll be back. We all believe that.

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