Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Darlene Shrugg | Milk Lines | Hand Cream at the Sala Rossa

Show: Darlene Shrugg + Milk Lines + Hand Cream
Venue: Sala Rossa, Montreal
Date: Sunday, April 12th, 2015

The weather changed that day. Arrived home from an afternoon spent outside with friend C. Didn't want it to end but exhaustion took the best of me. Went to bed for a nap and woke up destabilized. Was I late for work? Nope. I was late for a concert.

Usually don't mind going alone. Always end up talking to strangers but my last experience wasn't that great. The guy thought I was weird (I am weird a bit). Therefore wanted to bring a friend along. So much so I even contacted an ex (oopsy daisy).

Almost didn't go, couldn't find anybody. What made me change my mind? This song:

Milk Lines was the second set of the evening. Didn't know much about the other bands. Arrived in an almost empty venue. Hand Cream had started already. I don't like pitchiness. Wish it didn't bother me that much. Would be enjoying shows better. The lead singer, Meghan Merrigan I believe, was pitchy and the songs were not that great. My friend JP (he knows an ex member of the band) mentioned to me the next day they're aiming to sound more pop these days. He sent me an old youtube of theirs. It is quite beautiful and nothing like what I heard Sunday.

When Milk Lines steps on stage I decide to leave my spot by the bar and join the small crowd up front. I dance as much as can be possible while holding a beer. Emily Clarke is a bit pitchy unfortunately but when Jeff Clarke joins in it really sounds good. After the set I approach him and ask him about the merchandise. None for sale at the time unfortunately. I also mention Porter Wagoner and that's when, for a second, his eyes light up.

Darlene Shrugg sound check.

The third set starts, Darlene Shrugg, they do not dethrone Milk Lines. Not bad. Not pitchy. But not my type of music. The songs do sound better though when Slim Twig is behind the mic.

I leave before the end of the last song to go downstairs where the Sala Rosa bar is. My favorite place to go after shows at that venue. There I write down my last thoughts on the night and there I'm thinking, am I really that weird?

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