Saturday, 11 April 2015

Tyvek (and Gashrat) at the Vitrola

Show: Tyvek + Gashrat + Les Temps Liquides + Crosss + Cheap Wig
Venue: Vitrola, Montreal
Date: Friday, April 10th, 2015

WTF man. Five bands set to perform in one evening? When it was Tyvek's turn I was half asleep. Organized by Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, I really do believe they booked too many bands in one night. Would've been happy had it been only Tyvek, Gashrat and Crosss.

A blurry picture

I absolutely love Gashrat! But I'll start from the beginning. First band : Cheap Wig. Ok music. A bit repetitive. Girl's voice acceptable except when she screams. Often she left the stage to join the crowd. That is always nice. Not my kind of music. My friend JP's opinion on the first set? Doesn't like the singer.

Cheap Wig

Second band. Crosss. Singer has interesting voice. Good music. I've seen them before live. Didn't appreciate them the first time but now they're kind of growing on me. There were some technical problems though. Mic didn't work well. Drummer is cute but had a t-shirt with a drawing of a persian cat and "Child Abuse" written below. I have a persian cat. Didn't like his t-shirt. My friend V's opinion on the second set? The songs are too repetitive.


My cat Princess

Third Band. Les Temps Liquides. No. Just no. Didn't like it. Friends JP, V and M didn't like it either.

Fourth Band. Gashrat. LOOOOOVE them. There are only a few Montreal bands that I happily follow. I will not miss an opportunity to see them again in concert.

A girl band. All of them play different instruments and you'll see them switching from one song to the other. Authentic and original sound. I can't say anything bad about them. Didn't think to ask what my friends thought of Gashrat.


While waiting for Tyvek to step on stage, kind of fell asleep on my chair. The guru I drank earlier just didn't do the thing. I believe they started playing around 1:30 in the morning. Tyvek is good. I like the singer's voice. Not the first time I see them in concert. Not the last.

That's pretty much all I can say because I left after only a few songs. My bed was needed (and Princess was waiting for me).

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