Friday, 11 September 2015

Psych Fest. Ponctuation | Milk Lines | Crosss | Birds of Paradise

Show: Psych Fest. Ponctuation + Milk Lines + Crosss + Birds of Paradise
Venue: Divan Orange
Date: Thursday, September 10th, 2015

My niece Sandrine joined me that evening. Brought her camera, took a few pictures. I love her and am so happy she'll be joining me once in a while with camera. A little hiccup yesterday though. Her fully charged battery ran out after the first set. It happens.

Birds of Paradise. photo Sandrine Cadieux
Birds of Paradise. photo Sandrine Cadieux
Birds of Paradise. photo Sandrine Cadieux

Birds of Paradise. Took a look at a clip of theirs beforehand ("Ghost of a Lover"). Not my type of music, didn't expect to enjoy the performance. Turns out it's the first time I really listen to Roy Vucino's voice that evening. Quite beautiful. A lot of character.


Second set, Crosss. They're good but I've said this before, the music is odd. I like it a little bit more every time I see them. Still, it's going to take a while.

Milk Lines

Third set, Milk Lines. Love them. King Khan & BBQ Show posted their music on Facebook, been a fan ever since. Emily Clarke, who's voice is perfect for that sound, was not as pitchy as she can be sometimes. And I believe Jeff Clark sang on a few more songs than he usually does. Good!
They're releasing an album soon. Y était temps.

Last up, Ponctuation. First heard of them in an AV Club article. They were playing M pour Montréal. They are good performers. Only, last night the crowd wasn't doing much. Just listening. I kinda got bored. Drank my last beer at the bar. Sorry guys.


As I was heading home on Rachel street, ran into a very drunk girl trying to walk on the sidewalk. She was barefoot, holding the shoes by the laces. Kept dropping them also. I figured she needed someone to walk with. A tourist from Sweden, her Airbnb wasn't too far. The ten block conversation was on how awful men were. The day before, a guy approached her and told her something despicable. It got to her, enraged her. She wouldn't tell me what it was. Mysteries.

Sometimes I hate men. But really, I love them. Sometimes I write nonsense. Don't go taking me seriously. All of you are much better musicians than I ever will be.

Just saying.

xx China

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