Monday, 28 December 2015

Lyse and the Hot Kitchen

Show: Lyse and the Hot Kitchen
Venue: Mademoiselle, Montreal
Date: Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Heading to Mademoiselle on Parc Avenue, JJ is almost skipping he's so excited. Since spending time with him, I've learned there's much about music I don't know. Like Arthur Jaguars Cossette of, among else, Lyse & the Hot Kitchen. Mr Cossette launched his career playing instrumental rock with the Jaguars in the 60's. Yé-yé/Twist/Surf music.

JJ mentions having bought a plexiglas guitar pic from Cossette at a price I won't state here. It's a special pic that can break strings if not played the right way.

Arrive at the venue a bit early. The only ones there. The band members are eating supper. Plenty time for a few beers, an old fashioned and some sweet potato fries while the crowd arrives.

The show starts and we have on stage Lyse Déjeuner as lead vocalist/percussions, Arthur Cossette on guitar and Jérôme Hébêrt (never seen so many accents on a name) on bass.

Lyse & the Hot Kitchen

As soon as Cossette starts his solo, you hear the crowd roaring. Everybody is a fan although not many present. Some start dancing swing. You know there's a smile behind Cossette's huge moustache. I take a look at his guitar, it's a funny looking thing. Stickers of bees and pugs with a lot of glitter. Excited, JJ tells me he's never witnessed anybody that age play so well with the exception of Chuck Berry (yes, Mr Berry played in Montreal in the late 90's I believe, wasn't there to witness that).

Arthur Cossette
Lyse & the Hot Kitchen is great music. Some in French, some in English; a mixture of swing, rock&roll and yé-yé "dans le même biscuit, ti-gars" as mentioned on their Facebook page.

The set ends. We leave the venue with a smile on our face. Didn't expect to have that much fun. Next stop? Tumbao vs Mess Around at the Inspecteur Épingle. A disc jockey vinyl battle. Latin influence music with some soul.

I love Montreal.

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