Friday, 7 November 2014

The Barr Brothers

Show: The Barr Brothers with Bahamas

First I’d like to say: I hate the Metropolis. I don’t remember ever going there and seeing something spectacular. I remember, though, going there and being disappointed. Not because the musician isn’t good but because the venue just isn’t made to deliver an extraordinary show. This, for exemple, was the case with The Raconteurs (2006 I think), Erykah Badu (beginning of the millennium) and Avec pas d’casque (Montreal en lumière a few years ago). For Edward Sharpe I felt sick, decided to sit down by the wall and an employee came to me and told me I wasn’t allowed to do that. If you want to see something extraordinary go to the Petit Campus. Of course that place has more intimacy so it’s hard to compare one to the other.

Back to November 6. I get free tickets to go see The Barr Brothers. One of the perks of working for a newspaper. I’m with some good friends. The first part is Bahamas. I’ve always liked Bahamas and he is good that evening although I think he takes himself a bit too seriously. G mentions that his guitar has a Sephora logo on it. I find it funny. Her boyfriend doesn’t get it. “Je vous la donne” he tells us. I think, for that kind of music, a small venue is so much better. If he comes back and plays somewhere smaller I’ll go. We’re actually all a bit impatient for The Barr Brothers to start.

As soon as they appear on stage and start playing, you can tell that they are talented musicians, very talented musicians. The concert is good but have I mentioned that I hate the Metropolis? I think that place might be cursed, it can never deliver to the musicians’ full potential. We are right behind the soundman so not only do we hear the music but we hear everybody talking from the back of the room. And there’s unfortunately a lot of talking. This is especially apparent when they play quiet songs.

Something else I’d like to add: the harp player, Sarah Pagé, is impressive.
They end the show with a Bob Dylan song. Like a Rolling Stone. The crowd sings along to help out Brad Barr, who, at this point has lost some of his voice.

Now I, in spite of the Metropolis, will go buy their music because I’m sold.

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