Monday, 3 November 2014

The Black Lips

Show: Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ Show + Chocolat
Venue: Club Soda
Date: Friday, September 26th 2014

The Black Lips show is a bit crazy. I arrive early as I usually do to meet my friends next door at the Midway. We have a very expensive beer. The place has completely changed. There’s a bouncer at the door and the music is bad. For people that don’t know the Midway, it used to be a dive bar. I went there with a friend once to see Louis-Philippe Gingras in concert and we were sharing a table with someone that unfortunately couldn’t sit up straight.

We only stay for one beer. We don’t want to miss the first part of the show. Chocolat. Don’t know Chocolat (I’m ashamed to admit that) but I know the singer’s solo career, Jimmy Hunt, and he’s pretty good live. Of course they don’t disappoint. It’s a bit dirty and I like it like that.

Then comes King Khan & BBQ Show. LOVE THEM. They have these weird outfits on which makes it more fun. I was introduced to them just a few weeks before with the beautiful song “I’ll be Loving You”. It’s a beautiful song. Pleased it was played.

My friend K and I decide to stay near the stage for the Black Lips. They are good but a bit on automatic pilot. What makes the show great is the crowd. Going insane. K is small in every way. She’s skinny and not very tall. I’m scared for her but she’s having a blast taking part in moshing. All the while I’m against the wall and am approached by a woman. She’s pointing two girls near us and tells me she finds them cute and would like try it with a woman. My life at this point is such a mess that I go along with it. Just to see how far it would go. It ends there. She gets scared and decides to stage dive instead.

Side note : The Black Lips live at Third Man Records is a great live album. Love the A side.

After the show I leave with E & C to eat a hot dog at Fameux. It’s a diner on the corner of two busy streets, Saint-Denis and Mont-Royal. We eat by the window when a car crashes into the wall right outside from where we are sitting. It kills a tree and destroys a bike. It also makes a parked car do a 90 degree turn. The two guys inside make a run for it and of course leave the car there. After talking to the police, we leave for our respective beds. Laying on my mom's sofa (was between homes at the time), I never felt so alive.

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