Sunday, 7 December 2014

Death From Above 1979

Show: Death From Above 1979 with Biblical and Phantogram
Venue: Metropolis, Montreal
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014

I’ve got to say. Death from Above 1979 at the Metropolis Thursday was the best show I’ve ever seen at that venue.

I have been trying to lay low on partying lately. The winter season can make you want to cocoon in your home and do nothing else instead. But also I’m getting a bit run down. I have a full time job and I feel uncomfortable falling asleep at my desk. If any of my bosses are reading this though, I’d like to point out that I only doze off for a few minutes when there’s nothing to do. There’s also the problem that I can never sleep later than 7 am even on the weekends. Often I wake up at 5 am. This is why, for my friend G, it took some convincing on her part for me to go to the Death From Above 1979 concert. I was at home unpacking some boxes and getting my place ready for my house-warming party when she messaged me to come and join her and her boyfriend at the Metropolis. I don’t know Death From Above 1979 that much. The reason for this is that I lent my CD of their first album, when it was released, to a friend. I don’t remember who and I never got it back. I had the chance to listen to the album only a few times. G is good at convincing people though and it didn't take her that much time that I was out the door.

I arrived and Biblical was playing their last song. Very good, however I can’t say much about it since I missed most of the act. Throughout the whole song I was checking out the guitarist’s knee because my friend pointed out that he had none. I can’t, unfortunately, confirm that. His knee looked fine. Then came Phantogram. I wasn’t as impressed. Not because the music wasn’t good but because they didn’t give that great a show. The girl looked uncomfortable in her heels. Yes, comfortable heels can really make a difference. The worst part was the lighting. A lot of flashing lights. We were all looking down and away from the stage. Can repeated flashing lights cause seizures?

When the set was over, country music started playing on the speakers. I was extremely happy (I have a big old soft spot for country music) and started dancing on my seat to it. Got a free beer out of that bouncing from my neighbours to the right. Or maybe I got a free beer because I kept an eye on their seats while they were out smoking or what not.

At long last Death From Above 1979 appeared on stage. Wow. Just wow. I feel that, with the creative process, there’s nothing thought out in advance. It’s just raw. I loved it! It was wild as much onstage than with the crowd on the floor. A huge mosh pit had formed. I'd say half of the floor area. The sound was explosive. I like loud music, but this time I felt lucky to be on the balcony. Furthermore, we had a good view of the breadth of that mosh pit from there. Turned out my friend V was downstairs. She goes to shows as much as I do and often the same ones I’m at. She assured me she was outside of the mosh pit. It made me think that I’d like to see Kathleen Hanna (The Julie Ruin) in concert. I wonder if she still asks the guys to move to the back of the venue.

All in all these guys are awesome and their music is awesome. Effing awesome.

Sebastien Grainger on drums was hot in the white outfit.
I'm curious though, are they obliged to keep the same haircut in order to be recognizable on that famous illustration?

I truly deeply want this poster. By Shelby Hohl

A poster I did.

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