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Father John Misty

Show: Father John Misty
Venue: Cabaret du Mile-End, Montreal
Date: Friday, October 26, 2012

There have been many firsts and lasts with Father John Misty. That evening was one of the last time I saw O, a friend of mine I've known since I was in my late teens.

We were celebrating C's birthday at l'Anecdote on St-Hubert and Rachel street. A big bunch we were. One of the last warm days before the advent of fall. Was planning on going to the Cabaret to see Papa Misty alone. After a few beers though, convinced O and J to come along with me. O and J have known each other for even longer, since high school.

From left to right. C, O and I at a club in Montreal.
Papa Misty was great. He never sang off key even though he drank from his whisky bottle regularly. His musicians were also excellent. Had an eye for the guitar player which unfortunately I can't name by lack of memory. Right up front were quite a few women dancing along to his music. I guess Papa Misty didn't appreciate it that much because at some point he complained that all the good looking women were in the back while the ugly ones were dancing in front of him. Ouch! Had previously read an article explaining his love of shrooms in preparation for a performance. Don't know if it's true but in this case it did look like he was high on something. Kept caressing himself. How I'm detailing this makes it sound like a really awful show but all in all I loved it. His songs are simply too good. How can you not appreciate Father John Misty?

He talked a bit about Montreal. How Montrealers didn't care if you were a famous musician or not. True maybe. He mentioned reading Sylvie Simmons' biography of Leonard Cohen and that it just made him love the city even more.

We stayed a bit after the show. Ran into a work colleague who introduced me to Father John Misty's music in the first place. Always liked his taste in music.

Bought my first vinyl before leaving. Hadn't had a turntable since my teen years. Happy "Fear Fun" is my first because it's got to be one of my fave. I like everything Sub Pop releases actually.

My favorite song from Fear Fun

Once outside, J heads home. She lives in Villeray which is north of where we're at. O and I both live on the Plateau. We take a cab home and that's about the last time O and I talk to each other. There was no fight and I did see him a few times the following years but not for long and it just didn't feel the same. He has a girlfriend now and I think he loves her very much. He also has a bunch of new friends. J is slowly getting used to the fact that she's not seeing him anymore. We often joke that we're not cool enough for him.

But I guess sometimes friends just part ways.

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition

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