Saturday, 17 January 2015


Show: Chocolat + Choses Sauvages + Dear Denizen. Levée de son #2.
Venue: Divan Orange
Date: Friday, January 16th, 2015

photo Gaston Gaspard

« Je te souhaite de comprendre comment vivre en relation »
This is what I have been told. I guess I'm clueless when it comes to relationships.

This week was an exhausting week. My first week working for Le Devoir and, unlike the journal Voir (my previous employer), there is much to do. Also am in training therefore many things to absorb. Had my first 3pm to 11pm evening shift Friday. Arrived late at the Divan Orange. Came through the door right before Chocolat started playing.

A quick recap is due for those of you who don't know the problems the Divan Orange is dealing with these days. This venue is a great place for music. Many good bands have played there but unfortunately some problems have surfaced lately in regards to how much sound it generates. I believe it has been given many fines already due to that problem (a unhappy neighbour).  The concert was to raise money for a new sound system and for better sound isolation.
More info here: levée de son

I arrive there around 11:30pm a bit worn out from my day at work. My boyfriend MB is already there with my friends J and MT. J warned me earlier she had no intentions of being close to the stage. And indeed they were sitting by the window near the exit. Usually near the stage is where you would want to be for a better experience. That day though, had no inclination in standing in a crowd.

Chocolat started playing and as always they are great. With some of their songs there's an old 50's feel only there's added distortion (those are the ones I prefer). The guitarist Emmanuel Ethier is excellent of course and Jimmy Hunt's voice is full of emotions. But hey! That's just me. Suis-je dans le champ?

Everything was hunky-dory until late that evening when my boyfriend and I got into a disagreement for something I said. He was caressing my hair and I uttered something awful. His reaction was just as bad. The relationship ended that night. He left mentioning those words: I wish for you that someday you will understand how to live in a relationship. J and MT had no idea what was going on. The break up was done quickly and both of them had eaten stoner cookies.

photo Gaston Gaspard

Illustration I did for the newspaper edition

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