Tuesday, 17 November 2015

King Khan & BBQ Show | Milk Lines

Show: King Khan & BBQ Show + Milk Lines
Venue: Bar le Ritz PDB, Montreal
Date: Monday, November 16th, 2015

Earlier in the day, a colleague pointed out the dangers of attending concerts since the unfortunate Friday attacks in Paris (he's scared of many things in life). Whatever. They can't keep us from living. You'll all agree with me when I tell you there are many ways to die right? Being shot by someone deranged is just one of them. Heck, I might get hit by a car tomorrow. I'd rather live my life as if everyday was my last.

Had some intestinal problems (severe gas, it happens to everybody). Arrived late at the Ritz, was too busy at home blow drying my stomach to relieve the pain. Milk Lines had already started.

Milk Lines

This Toronto or Montreal band (am all mixed up) is excellent as usual. Have been a fan for I guess what seems like a while now. Love the mixture of psychedelic and country in their sound. Exceptionally, Bloodshot Bill was on drums that evening. Emily Bitze had again some pitch problems, mostly when forcing her voice. Beautiful other times though, as on "Another Breed". Apart from that, everything was a 100% awesome. Their first LP was just released with In The Red Records. Have been waiting a stretch for that.

King Khan & BBQ Show steps on stage in full outfit as is usually the case. Couldn't help myself looking at King Khan's golden crotch. Have always been attracted by gold.

King Khan & BBQ Show

Not only are they super-duper live but they speak their mind. Sound wasn't great though, couldn't understand everything that was said. Bits and parts only. Like "Diva Cup all dressed" and "Tampons are killing the seals" (King Khan). Also, as a reaction to the violent mosh pit on the floor, "This is safe place!" "Suck my dick" "You could be making love to those girls and not punching them" (BBQ). Tried taking a picture of the turbulent floor when some stranger beside me gave me the finger. Love the pic!

King Khan & BBQ Show

The show ended early, no encore. Went straight home to bed with my Milk Lines vinyl. Slept like a baby. No more gas problems. Just saying.

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