Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Multiple Cat

Show: The Multiple Cat
Venue: Casa Del Popolo
Date: Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Saturday, March 8th, 2014. Sala Rossa. Lila Dit Ça was playing for the last time. The reason I was in attendance. Heard good things though from The Multiple Cat also set to play. Them being from Iowa, was very curious. I've been to Iowa a few times, having family there. Some Iowans are weird. Just saying. Turns out, that March evening, many things happened which I wasn't aware of. A couple among the crowd was being a pain in the ass, insulting the musicians while they were playing. It resulted in a fight outside between M, an attendee, and the girl. Actually the girl started beating him 'cause M insulted her boyfriend. I guess some Montrealers are weird also.

Was pleasantly surprised by The Multiple Cat. Even if the drums were played by a machine. Bought their record and approached Patrick Stolley. He mentioned trying a poutine while in town so I believe I suggested he go to L'Anecdote. He didn't understand a thing I said. Told him to forget it and walked away. There was no point in screaming right?

The Multiple Cat

Fast forward a year and we're at the Casa del Popolo. Same crowd, same friends. I heard M promise he wouldn't start a fight. This time The Multiple Cat is a three men band. We have some drums. Many think their live shows aren't as good as their recorded albums, not as many layers in sound. It is indeed different but not in a bad way. The melodies are so good and catchy you dance along to the music no matter what. The fact is, I like things simple and straightforward in life (I'm rambling here).

Got to hear their latest songs. In general more upbeat than the previous ones. But then again is that possible? The drummer was funny. No shoulder movement (doesn't take anything from his drumming capabilities though). Patrick Stolley, the lead singer, had some problems with the higher range notes. Even coughed at some point and said "son of a". I would've added "gun". No need in staying polite.

They have great song titles. "Magic That Work's" followed immediately by "Magic That Doesn't Work" is a good example. The melodies are also very good. It sounds so innocent.

Anyhow. You can take a listen on their bandcamp. Or here.

The next morning, on the way to a café in order to write this post, cross path with them. We're on Rachel street. A block away from L'Anecdote. You never know.

xx China

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