Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Crabe | Nightmom | Eschaton | Casa del Popolo

Show: Crab + Nightmom + Eschaton
Venue: Casa del Popolo, Montreal
Date: Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Am slowly learning to live out of my comfort zone. Seems you get more out of life this way, more excitement. Use to spend my evenings at home reading. Watching TV. Can't stay put now, have this need to catch up with life.

Eschaton, the first set that evening, definitely put me out of this zone. Instrumental and improvisational. Horns and strings and some other weird sounds. Quite interesting. My eyes were glued on the contrabassist. Manipulated his instrument to its full capacity. At some point the bow was used to create sounds out of the wooden tailpiece. Gave me goosebumps. I've played the viola in my teens and I've often gotten those same goosebumps by playing it the wrong way.

Approached him afterwards, asked him why he played the bow on that tailpiece. Told him it made me uncomfortable. Made the contrabass vibrate, he answered. Gave him a good feeling. This explains why, throughout the whole performance, he was hugging his instrument.

The second set I truly enjoyed. Nightmom from Rhode Island. Drum and guitar duo.

My favorite song of this short set was "Sister's Cool" from the album Baby Later. A mixture of "cowboyz noize" (as described on their bandcamp) and rock. Should have bought their album.

Crabe, the main act, is a guitar and drum duo from Montreal. Heard them play before. Enjoyed it much more this time. I put aside the fact that I couldn't here the lyrics clearly. It screams and it rocks.

As they would say on the Facebook event page : "No need to buy 3D glasses to see Crabe in concert, all you need is to open the doors to your heart and let the tender melodies crawl in". Love this quote.

Breaking out of this comfort zone? Getting there, gradually.

Midnight walk from the Casa del Popolo

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