Thursday, 4 June 2015

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Théâtre Fairmount

Show: Unknown Mortal Orchestra + Absolutely Free
Date: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
Venue: Théâtre Fairmount, Montreal

Was wondering, while watching Ruban Nielson performing on stage, which is better: perennials or annuals?

To tell you the truth, took me a while to appreciate Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I see some insecurity in his music the same way, sometimes, when I draw, insecurity oozes through the image. When am unsatisfied with a drawing, I add stuff thinking it'll make it better until there's nothing more to add. It's easy to have too many overlapping layers, whether in music or art. This is how I see UMO's latest album "Multi-Love". A multitude of musical layers of which essence is lost. It all changed though after seeing them perform live. Catchier. Simplified. Funkier (can I say that?). Posted below, the title track as well as its live performance.

Why did I go then if I wasn't that impressed with the album? Because I read the article "Love is Strange" on Pitchfork where Ruban Nielson explains the story behind the album. A polyamorous relationship experienced with his wife. Quite fascinating how personal this album is. Kind of inspiring.

Arrived early at the Théâtre Fairmount. A renovated Cabaret du Mile-End. The transformed place is beautiful but also a bit cold. Without character unfortunately.

fun to capture on photography though

The opening set belongs to Absolutely Free. Afraid I didn't enjoy much. Rhythm was present on  drums but not vocally. Quite slow the singing except with the closing song where lead vocalist turned slowness into a scream. Not bad this last one.

Steps on stage Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Mr Nielson looks a bit stone. His eyes show vagueness but performance is without flaw. No pitchiness. Yay. His guitar playing (fingers, no pics) is impressive. Very good bass player also, Jake Portrait. Other than that there isn't alot of moving around on stage. Crowd is satisfied though. Songs are good. Many of us dancing, some are singing along.

clapping to the beat of the music
Thought about the album's subject matter as was watching the performance. A love story between Ruban Nielson, his wife and a young woman. All living under the same roof until this woman is forced to leave the U.S. (Portland) due to an expired Visa. It makes me wonder, would you risk a marriage for new love?

Would you plant annuals or perennials?
(Been spending alot of time in my garden lately)

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