Monday, 1 June 2015

Les Deuxluxes at Quai des Brumes | Lancement vinyle

Show: Les Deuxluxes
Venue: Quai des Brumes
Date: Sunday, May 31st, 2015

On the sidewalk near my home there's a graffiti that says "Sing Your Joy". Whenever I'm happy for no reason whatsoever I take a snapshot.

After being at the Traitement Deuxluxe – Lancement Vinyle, I find the pic so appropriate. Les Deuxluxes love doing what they do and it shows. Especially lead singer Anna Frances Meyer.

Arrive at 9pm. Show is scheduled for 8pm but we all know musicians never start at scheduled time. It took me 15 years to realize that. Still, I arrive one hour early. While waiting, I see both of the band members walking around, getting ready. Étienne Barry holding his stage clothes in hand, Anna Frances Meyer with curlers in hair. I sit at a table next to two strangers. They get impatient waiting and leave before the show starts. Unfortunate for them.

Étienne and Anna Frances step on stage and everybody starts applauding. Not because the wait was long but because we all know what to expect at a Deuxluxes show. They've got to be one of my hometown favorites along with Chocolat, Gashrat and Milk Lines.

Les Deuxluxes is a rockabilly duo but often you'll see drums added to the mix by the end of the show. Anna Frances Meyer on vocals (lead) and tenor guitar; Étienne Barry on vocals, guitar and rhythm section.

"Funnel of Love" cover

I've been to many of their shows this past year. To tell you the truth, I love them but am a bit tired of hearing the same songs from their debut album Traitement Deuxluxes which consists of four originals and two covers. Therefore was excited when they started playing the new song "Lost" from their next album. Anna Frances Meyer really puts on a show. No doubt about that. Not only does she dance when it's Étienne's turn for a solo, but she dances while playing guitar. Extremely sexy she is. A line of guys in the first row from the Traitement Deuxluxes album launch last year were going crazy for her. 

Les Deuxluxes in action

The show was good. It was excellent though when Jonathan Bigras (from Galaxie) joined them on drums for "Turn The Heat Up" (and the following songs). Wow what a drummer! This song immediately became my favorite. Love it when it rocks.

The evening was coming to an end. The crowd sang Happy Birthday to the talented birthday boy Étienne Barry. His last words for the night? "See ya"

I hope, on their next album, we'll see more drums. A two piece band is always interesting and there's no doubt that this duo is good. It just reaches a next level with drums.

Next on my bucket list? Bloodshot Bill. Never saw him perform.

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