Saturday, 20 June 2015

Mumblr | Fullblood | Divan Orange

Show: Mumblr + Fullblood + Ghost Vines
Venue: Quai des Brumes, Montreal
Date: Friday, June 20th, 2015

Had lots of options yesterday. There was a party at a friend's house. Mozart's Sister and Kroy at the Divan Orange. Mumblr at the Quai des Brumes. Also Lower Dens at the Ritz but that was too far considering I finished working downtown at 11pm. Was planning on going to the party on Beaubien street but the gum I was chewing nauseated me. My friends and I were in a cab on Saint-Denis corner Mont-Royal when I realize the show was still going on at the Quai des Brumes. Leave my friends thinking if I don't feel any better I could just walk home from there.

Don't know Mumblr. My friend V recommended I go there. Enter the bar as Fullblood, a band from Trois-Rivières, is playing. Not the kind of band that would play at the Quai des Brumes as A, an acquaintance I keep bumping into at shows, was saying. They were bare chested. That wasn't a problem. Had blood all over them. That wasn't a problem either.

The place was a bit empty as Fullblood was playing.

I guess it's the music the problem. Or more precisely the live performance. Cause on tape it all sounds fine.

Took me back to a karaoke night with colleagues at a bar. A guy there kept stealing the mic to sing pop songs but with so much roughness in the voice. Luckily at the Quai des Brumes the singer wasn't off key. Tastes or so subjective.

Conversing with A while we wait for Mumblr to play. An ex-member of the band Tang Soleil, he was asked to leave because of some disagreements. Tang Soleil didn't play enough gigs even if the opportunity presented itself and that frustrated him.

It is a great band even if you don't always understand what Matt, the lead singer, is saying. You can clearly understand the voice over on this video though. Effing sucks.

The Philly band Mumblr starts playing and am a bit disappointed. The thing is they're good at what they do. Just not my type of music. Reminds me of punk rock (or pop punk?) from the 90's which I never really enjoyed. Should've known what I was expecting.


There's a naiveness in that type of music that bothers me a bit. And it is exactly what they want to sound like as lead singer explains (about album Full of Snakes): "It attempts to capture the coming of age experienced before the tipping point of adulthood. It also speaks to the subtle change in the consciousness of America’s youth in a post 9-11 world."

The last song played was from their upcoming album. Enjoyed a bit more. A 70's vibe added. Drums and guitar not as repetitive. Improvisational I would even dare to say.

Walked back home without any nausea. Thankfully. Am not a big fan of chewing gum to tell you the truth.

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