Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Spoon | The Antlers | Théâtre Corona

Show: Spoon + The Antlers
Venue: Théâtre Corona
Date: Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Dreamt I was crying, didn't want the show to end.

Yesterday was simply memorable. Anything I write won't do it any justice. Attended the concert with friend V. Almost didn't happen. She managed to buy the two last tickets that day.

Let me tell you a bit about Montrealers before I start. Taking note of the weather on the eve of leaving a residence is quite common. « À ce qui paraît il va pleuvoir tout l'été »* were the first words my roommate uttered this morning as she looked at the clouds outside. If you are a performer and want to get the crowd's attention? You talk about the weather, not poutine.

Extremely talented musicians performing on a stage doesn't always conclude in a great show. Crowds have much to do with the outcome of an evening. For this event, we were on fire and I believe it has to do with the weather. We've had many cold and rainy days this summer. Yesterday it was warm and humid. A beautiful day concluding in a magical evening.

The Antlers have already begun as we enter the theater. It's about 10 past 8pm. I know, it's early.

The Antlers

We hear a completely different sound live. Performing can give artists a disadvantage. However, to The Antlers, it's an advantage. Every tone complements the other. Something I've never realized when listening to a recording. Making me wonder, are these albums overproduced? Whatever it is, the crowd is taken away. They will release a live album on limited edition vinyl promptly. Get it.

They finish their set and I walk over to the other side of the theater. Had spotted a guy who sang their songs throughout the whole performance. As I get there though I lose sight of him. Think I see him five minutes later. Approach him. "Excuse me are you the guy who sang all those songs by heart?". Turns out it's not him and I look weird.

Arrives the main act on stage. And of course there are screams and applause's. The music is excellent. Catchy. Am afraid to say I only know They Want My Soul, Spoon's latest album. So what I hear is mostly new. Am having the time of my life nevertheless.

Crowd is much younger in the first rows. Their over excitement doesn't bother me as is the case sometimes. Mood is just too good for me to be bothered by a small mosh. They even held spoons in the air. How can you not like them?

Spoon and spoons

Favorite song of the evening? "Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine" from album Gimme Fiction.

Spoon finishes their set but of course there will be an encore. Doesn't dissuade a fan though to take the mic and scream "Come back! One more song!".

The band reappears on stage for a few songs. Britt, the lead singer, mentions it's been a while since they headlined a show in Montreal. "We should come back more often". Of course you should come back more often!

After the encore. A thankful crowd. A great show.

The evening ends and my friend snatches the setlist on stage. Also manages to have Britt sign it, with my help of course.

Jeez am I a fan now.

* Apparently it will rain all summer

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